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Watch Joe Scarborough Say ‘President Bannon’ Seven Times in One Minute

On Morning Joe, when it rains it pours.

On Friday, co-host Joe Scarborough made it clear that the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord proved that Steve Bannon was back in the saddle in the West Wing.

And, of course, by that he meant President Bannon, in a trollish allusion to a Time Magazine piece which suggested as much back in February.

Scarborough took obvious relish in the return of “President Bannon” peppering his commentary throughout the show with the phrase and at one point using it seven times in a single minute.

Once close to the morning hosts, Trump became noticeably chilly toward the pair after he became president and they started getting tough on-air. With his addiction to cable news, it’s a fair bet the President Bannon talk will get back to Trump. Scarborough’s smirk through much of the diatribe suggests he was keeping at least one eye on goading the Oval Office.

Slamming the president has taken on an almost ritualistic quality on the morning show. Only yesterday, Scarborough suggested that Trump seemed like of hostage of Vladimir Putin and that his behavior was suggestive of a child who had “pooped his pants.” Another guest on the same show compared his surrogates to Stalin’s lackeys. Co-host Mika Brzezinski has also repeatedly followed suit with her own pointed barbs.

In recent days the president has unfollowed both hosts on Twitter.

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