Scarborough Melts Down After Trump Tweetstorm, Addresses President Directly


Morning Joe went off the rails Tuesday after Donald Trump’s latest tweetstorm set prepared programming out the window.

Things were already tenuous after Trump’s ferocious barrage against his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, Scarborough, however, finally went over the edge after Trump — for no particular reason — also blasted Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

“There’s another Tweet,” said Brzezinski “Can I…”

“Mika, read the Tweet,” said Scarborough in the subdued tones of the Shining’s Jack Torrance.

Then he lost it.

“Harold! Harold! He put McCabe up as a possible finalist to be his FBI director. Where’s the memory?,” said Scarborough, “McCabe,” he continued almost out of breath. “Was on his finalist list as an FBI director and now he’s going back to complaints he had of September, October of last year …This guy is spinning wildly out of control.”

Scarborough then turned and faced the camera directly to speak directly to Trump — not the craziest move given that the president is known to be a compulsive T.V viewer.

“I know, you never watch this show, Donald,” he began trollishly. “Whatever show you’re watching is making you crazy. Not crazy, I don’t think you’re crazy, but its’ making you crazy. So you really need to turn to Sports Center. You really need to stop watching. These tweets make you look really bad.”

Panelists could not contain their laughter/terror at the spectacle as Joe concluded.

“I am 100% serious. He need to stop watching this show,” he said.

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