Scarborough Rages at Ivanka: ‘You Will Cause Your Father to Fail’


Something feisty was in Joe Scarborough’s coffee this morning.

When he was done calling that Fox News lawsuit a “steaming pile of poo,” the MSNBC host of Morning Joe trained his sights on first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Scarborough, it seems, is still angry about that tweet Ivanka sent out during the swearing in of General John Kelly as Chief of Staff in which she said she looked forward to working “alongside” the ex-Marine.

For Scarborough — there was no alongside.

“The only way this works is everybody reports to General Kelly,” he said, “Sons, daughters, son-in-laws, everybody, friends, acquaintances, they all have to go through General Kelly if you want the White House to work.”

He then said it was nothing against Ivanka and that he liked the first daughter personally.

“I like Ivanka, always have. I’ve always said nothing but great things about her,” he said “but this is not personal against Ivanka Trump … This text is repugnant, it is repulsive. It illustrates exactly what has hurt this White House over the last six months”

The soliloquy grew more heated as it continued.

“I am going to be working alongside the chief of staff? No you’re not. Not if this White House is to function, not if you care about what’s in Donald Trump’s best interests, not if you care about what’s in this country’s best interests. You will not, in the office, work alongside the Chief of Staff or you will cause your father to fail. If you want Donald Trump to succeed you will get out of the way.”

The tweet was also grist for Tuesday’s show, Scarborough who took the day off tweeted about it while co-anchor Mika Brzezinski raged on air.

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