Scarborough Calls Fox News Lawsuit ‘Steaming Pile Of Poo’ — Also Threatens ‘Spanking’


Joe Scarborough is back from vacation.

It may just be temporary, but on Wednesday the eponymous host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe returned to the anchor’s chair with a blistering opening monologue which seems destined for a Sean Hannity clip reel.

With co-host Mika Brzezinski at his side, Scarborough laced into Donald Trump Jr.’s misleading statements regarding his meeting with a Russian lawyer, and the new revelations that his father, the President of the United States, personally helped craft his response. He also swiped at Fox News and a lawsuit suggesting they collaborated with the White House to spread fake news about the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

“The president said he was not involved in drafting a letter defending his son. That is not true.” said Brzezinski

Joe came in for a layup.

“Also know as, well that is a lie,” he said. “The kids at home, you know I’m connected with the kids on the street. They don’t say that’s not true Willie they say ‘hey, that’s a lie.'”

Show regular Willie Geist didn’t take the bait — so Mika continued.

“A lawsuit says the White House worked with Fox News to concoct a damaging story about Democrats. The White House denies involvement, but Sean Spicer admits he personally met with the people at the center of the suit.”

“And the kids call that, a steaming pile of poo,” said Scarborough.

Brzezinski tried to get serious but Scarborough wasn’t having it — yet.

“I’m not sure we can make fun of it, it’s terrible,” she said. “What would we say to our children about this?”

Scarborough appears to have taken the question to mean, how would you treat the lawsuit participants if they were your children. Whatever the case, his answer was definitive.

“I would say, I’m going to send you to your room and going to spank you.” He then suggested that his father used to beat him if he ever talked back.

… Good Morning Joe everyone.

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