Scarborough Slams ‘Cherry Picked Beauty Pageant Polls’ Chosen for Fox Business Debate


It is no secret that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has an ally in 30 Rockefeller Center in the form of Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough. Christie is a frequent guest on the venerable MSNBC morning show, and on Friday Scarborough lashed out at the polls that Fox Business used to choose its upcoming debate criteria.

As we reported yesterday, Christie and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee have ben relegated to the undercard debate for Tuesday night’s event after three straight performances with the prime players. This didn’t sit well with former GOP Congressman Scarborough, who tore apart Fox Business’ decision to include one particular poll which he deemed “historically inaccurate and bad.” Scarborough continued, “I really have no idea what the executives were thinking at Fox Business when they were putting the criteria together… this is pretty shocking.”

Scarborough continued:

This is the guy, as we would say in basketball, who’s got the hot hand… If people in Christie’s campaign might suggest there’s a conspiracy for some reason to keep him off the stage you would look at the polls that Fox Business chose — Investor Business Daily was rated as one of the worst in 2012, polls that had John McCain getting over 70% of the youth vote in 2012 over Barack Obama. It is historically inaccurate and bad, and it’s almost like they cherry picked the one poll to specifically keep Chris Christie off the stage.

As Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight famously noted in 2009, “they had John McCain winning the youth vote 74-22 — the IBD/TIPP polling operation has literally no idea what they’re doing.”

Time’s Mark Halperin added this morning, “Here’s the dirty little secret… the organizers want to have something different,” referring to the fact that Tuesday’s event will feature eight primetime contenders as opposed to the ten that have been allowed to debate in the past.

Scarborough finished, “How can one of the hottest guys in the nation’s first primary be kept out based on beauty pageant polls? Those are the polls that Rudy Giuliani led in.”

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