Scott Baio Doesn’t Drink Coffee But Still Makes Starbucks Employees Yell ‘Trump!’


If you’ve been wondering what Joanie and/or Chachi are up to these days, we’re about to make half of your day. Former Happy Days star and erstwhile Bob Loblaw Scott Baio, seen recently being ignored endorsing Donald Trump, has made it his mission in life to force the Republican frontrunner into as many mouths as he can while he’s making Starbucks runs for other people. Baio recently tweeted a photo explaining his plot:

His attempt to force a barista to say Trump’s name (clever, since he’s not drinking the coffee that will be spit in) quickly caught on with his followers:

The “movement” has even spread to making other low-wage employees want to slap people. One follower was “inspired” to hassle people at Chipotle:

Unfortunately, Baio’s hashtag also inspired Twitter users who are even too grossed out by Chipotle:

You’ll all be happy to know, though, that Baio doesn’t spend all of his time thinking up substitute-teacher-based pranks. He’s also apparently auditioning to be Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Environmental:

(h/t Wonkette)

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