Trumptious Irony: Resurrected ‘Birther Dragon’ They Say Donald Trump ‘Slew’

One wonderful detail that’s being underplayed in the current Donald Trump Magical Birther Tour™, now sponsored by The Mitt Romney Campaign®, is that Trump was set back in motion by a story so slight, even its own authors dismissed its Constitutional implications. Despite their protestations that they “never advocated” Birtherism, has managed to launch the discredited racist narrative into an unprecedented orbit. Even funnier is that the same site declared that “Donald Trump finally slew the Birther Dragon” when President Obama beclowned him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last year.

A few weeks ago,‘s Joel Pollak published an expose´ of President Obama that revealed some sloppy work by an assistant at a literary agent’s office. They unearthed a 1991 trade booklet which said that future POTUS Barack Obama “was born in Kenya,” but they insisted they did not want anyone to draw the conclusion that President Obama was born in Kenya. Their “theory” was that he just wanted people to think that in 1991, a theory that evaporated the next day when the editor responsible for the booklet said she made the mistake, not Obama.

The answer to “What kind of moron would actually take’s pamphlet-gate seriously?” was answered this week: Mitt Romney’s kind of moron, Donald J. Trump.

What makes this development especially hilarious is that the site has been fairly consistent in its contempt of the Birther movement, but not for the reasons you might think. Their problem with the Birther movement isn’t that it’s racist, it’s that it gives the media a chance to call conservatives racist.  From’s John Nolte:

I’ve never doubted Obama was born in the United States, mainly because there was no way the Ambition Machines we call the Clintons would’ve ever let something like that pass. I also believe the White House and their partners in the MSM love the Birther issue because it allows for them to scream “racism” at the Right — their favorite political weapon.

It’s like being mad at tornadoes for giving reporters a chance to call homes “devastated.” Many in the conservative media also accuse the dreaded Lamestream media of “keeping the Birther controversy alive,” despite the parade of conservative media figures and politicians who constantly bring it up, which is, again, like claiming that weather reporters are keeping tornadoes alive.

You would think that their distaste for the Birther movement would have soured them on Donald Trump’s pursuit of the conspiracy last year, which landed him at the top of the Republican presidential field at the time (another media trick to make 30% of Republicans seem racist!), but you’d be wrong. At the same time they decried the theory, they celebrated Trump:

A few weeks ago, Trump came along and asked simply, “Why doesn’t Obama clear this up once and for all and release his long form birth certificate?” Naturally, Obama’s MSM Palace Guards immediately became obsessed with Trump (Trumpers?) and tried to marginalize the billionaire as one of those “crazy birthers.” But the problem for them (and Obama) is that Americans already know Trump. They know he’s no fringe extremist and so a lot of reasonable voters are now starting to ask, “Yeah, why won’t he release it?”

Another scribe gushed:

And another problem the Left has with Trump is the fact that he is not ashamed to say things other people think but never say. From asking why Obama has been unable to produce a birth certificate to wondering aloud if Obama is a Muslim to flatly saying Obama has given us “a terrible presidency,” Trump is vocalizing things many others are afraid to vocalize for fear of the backlash (unles you’re Chris Matthews).

Much more recently, the site complained that the media was “suppressing” their amazing pamphlet scoop, and got very offended at the notion that it was a “Birther” story. That was before Trump bit into it. Now, they’re writing entire articles about the Romney-Trump-Birther show, without ever mentioning that it was their little seed that grew this mighty funny oak. They’re disappearing their own story.

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