Sebastian Gorka Has a Star Wars Analogy for What Comes Next for Him and Bannon


Sebastian Gorka has been speaking out in the days following his departure from the White House, but looking forward, he has a Star Wars analogy for what’s ahead.

Gorka spoke to Matt Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday yesterday and talked about how the message that got President Trump elected is being undermined by others within the White House. He also said he’s planning to return to Breitbart to work with Steve Bannon.

At one point, as Breitbart highlighted today, Gorka said this:

“With Steve back at the helm, it’s like the last scene from Star Wars. Do you remember what Ben Kenobi said to Darth? ‘If you strike me down, I will be more powerful than you can ever imagine.’ The left thinks they’re winning. They have no idea what’s coming around the corner, and it’s going to be fun, Matt. You know it.”

Boyle explained it further in the Breitbart write-up today:

In other words, Trump supporters look at the globalist cabal like “The Evil Empire” from Star Wars and view themselves as fighters from the “Rebel Alliance” battling a noble cause against tyranny. And now, with Bannon and Gorka outside the White House, they are “more powerful than” the enemy “can possibly imagine” as they rally the troops of the movement for the battle against international globalist elites.

You can listen above (the relevant part starts at the 7:45 mark), via Breitbart News Saturday.

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