comScore Shep Smith is Not Happy With 280-Character Tweets: Takes Twice as Long to Read ‘A Load of Crap’

Shep Smith is Not Happy With 280-Character Tweets: Takes Twice as Long to Read ‘A Load of Crap’

Shep Smith is not impressed with Twitter’s new 280-character tweet feature — not impressed at all.

Yesterday afternoon, the social media platform opted to allow all users access to 280-character tweets, as the site’s co-founder Biz Stone found that — during the beta period of the past two months — those with doubly-long tweets were “more satisfied with Twitter.” However, the Fox News anchor was not one of the “more satisfied” users and did not take the change well, arguing this will make users read tweets that are twice as long only to realize they’re “a load of crap”:

“Twitter is doubling the amount of characters that most people can use in their tweets from 140 characters to 280. That’s the word from reps at the social media platform. They started testing the move in September. Twitter reports that it found more people were more satisfied when they could use more characters — it’s like ice cream that way… Most notable about this Twitter change truly is, by the time you get to the end of what it would have been the previous tweet, and you realize, ‘Oh I shouldn’t have read that,’ you’re only halfway through. So it takes twice as much time to realize what you just read was a load of crap. But suffer on.”

Despite Smith’s blasting of the platform’s change, he doesn’t appear to have a personal, public account — he only has an account associated with his Fox News show that is managed by producers. However, he must use an anonymous Twitter handle to read all these “load of crap” tweets he can’t stand.

Of course, Smith wasn’t the only one who blasted Twitter for their platform change, as many complained that the new 280-character limit takes away from the site’s quick and concise nature. Others took issue with the chance as they complained the lengthy tweets clog up timelines and make scrolling through the site difficult — because who logs onto to Twitter to read?

Watch above, via Fox News.

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