Shep Smith on Curious Rand Paul Attack: ‘Smells Like a Skunk in the Chicken House’


Over the weekend, it was reported that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had been assaulted on his own property by his next-door neighbor. At that time, Paul’s spokesperson said that Paul had only suffered “minor injuries.” Meanwhile, the alleged assailant — 59-year-old Rene Boucher — was charged with fourth-degree assault.

Over the past day, however, more details have come out and it appears Paul’s injuries were far more severe than we were initially told. It has now been revealed that the Kentucky lawmaker sustained five broken ribs and bruised lungs and he may not be able to travel to Washington for a while. Meanwhile, Boucher’s lawyer released a statement claiming that the altercation was not over politics and instead something trivial. And the arrest report was just recently released:

This afternoon, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith discussed the mystery surrounding the story of a sitting US Senator having his ribs broken after being assaulted on his own property.

“Now the senator’s office reports he has five rib fractures, some displaced ribs and bruised lungs,” Smith said. “Police arrested Rene Boucher. The charge, fourth-degree misdemeanor assault. They say they don’t know what this was about. Which means they haven’t asked? Also, fourth-degree misdemeanor assault? He’s out on $7,500 bail after attacking a sitting United States senator and sending him to the hospital for a prolonged absence in great pain.”

Smith then tossed it to reporter Chad Pergram for additional details on the case. After Pergram provided what was known up to that time, the Fox News anchor wanted to know if anything had been heard from Paul’s family, noting that they now have a statement from Boucher’s attorney.

“Not a word, not a word,” Pergram responded. “And the fact that it took a couple days to hear from Boucher’s attorneys and describes it in these bromides that it’s just an unfortunate incident, that qualifies as pretty strange as well.”

“Smells like a skunk in the chicken house but I haven’t seen the skunk,” Smith dryly noted.

“We’re digging, Shep, we certainly are,” Pergram said back. “I’ve been on the phone all day, Saturday, Sunday. I’ve been looking at this for two days now.”

Smith concluded, “Twitter will decide and then it will be too late.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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