Some Hawaii Lawmakers Actually Not Okay with Police Sleeping with Prostitutes

Believe it or not, some members of the Hawaii state legislature actually have a problem with cops getting an exemption from the prostitution laws. Members of the state senate are pushing back against the exemption because, well, they really don’t want state law to condone that behavior.

One advocate against the exemption argued, “Would it be okay if a policeman did ecstasy to make sure it is the real stuff?” An attorney who testified revealed that his client “had sexual intercourse with three officers consecutively in one evening” before being arrested.

Committee chairman Clayton Hee found it “nonsensical” that the law should ever be used to “condone police officers’ sexual penetration.” A spokesperson for the Honolulu police department explained that the legislation, as presented, was “poorly worded” and said officers would not have been able to “respond to even a verbal offer of sexual intercourse from a suspected prostitute.”

Watch the video below, via KITV:

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[photo via screengrab]

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