Someone in Congress is Going on The Weirdest Wikipedia Editing Spree


Someone in Congress is either pulling some kind of online prank, or they’re just seriously into editing Wikipedia pages.

Twitter users might be familiar with @Congressedits, the Twitter bot that tracks anonymous Wikipedia updates which originate from a congressional IP address. The account has been useful in the past whenever congresspeople have tried tweaking public entries about their scandals, controversies and other political matters.

Throughout the past week, however, the account has been a lot more active than usual, and the weirdest, most random topics are getting some hilarious edits.

As of this writing, there have been more than forty Wikipedia edits from a congressional Internet connection in the last four days. Here’s a sample of some of the most recent page changes, and you can see that there have been updated entries for things well outside of the sociopolitical:

Even the entries on political and media subjects have been strange to say the least:

As Buzzfeed’s Julia Reinstein noticed, the master stroke of these updates is a subtle nod to how Senator Ted Cruz acknowledged the memes about him being the zodiac killer yesterday.

Of course, based on this edit, it seems like whoever’s doing this is also trolling the Twitter bot:

While this might seem funny to some people, this entry suggests that someone in Congress is not particularly amused by all of this:

And the most recent edit, for Wikipedia’s entry on “Narcissism”:

[Image via screengrab]

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