Soundbite: Todd Palin Is A ‘Great Model’ For First Husband

Wallace did praise Todd Palin, the former governor’s husband and the so-called “first dude.” Todd Palin was an “extraordinary spouse,” Wallace said, adding that he will be a “great model for what the first husband will look like.”

That would be Nicole Wallace, by the way. The McCain adviser who came under a great deal of fire in Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue and then leveled some of her own in the aftermath.

Wallace was speaking at a panel discussion for WaPo reporter Anne Kornblut’s new book Notes from the Cracked Ceiling during which she also made the rather alarming admission that with regards to Palin being tapped as McCain’s running mate “we were never ready … no one was prepared to defend her. Nobody knew anything.” Meaning I guess, that where Palin was involved everyone was just hoping for the best. Including John McCain.

As for Todd being a great model for a first husband, you know what? There’s probably some truth to it. Of all the Palin’s we’ve heard from and/or about in the last 16 months the worst that can be said about Todd is…what? There’s really not much. The man apparently knows how to keep his nose clean. And of all the nice things one might say about another potential first husband, good behavior is not the first thing that comes to mind.

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