Stelter Dings Trump For Waiting to Issue ‘Half-Hearted’ Denial on ‘Sh*thole’: ‘Speaks For Itself’


On the Sunday shows this morning, a number of Republicans came to President Donald Trump’s defense over reports that he described immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “people from shithole countries” during an immigration meeting. During today’s broadcast of Reliable Sources, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter hit the White House and Trump over their slow response to the initial report.

Highlighting that we were now seeing denials from Republicans who were in the meeting as they claimed that they either couldn’t recall Trump saying those words or that his remarks were misrepresented, Stelter said he had “one thing to say about that.”

“If there was a news report that said I personally insulted an entire continent by using a racist remark I would have denied it at the top of my lungs from every possible medium within about ten minutes!” Stelter exclaimed.

He continued, “The fact that the White House did not deny this, other news outlets confirmed it and later the president half-hearted denied it speaks for itself. If you said something like this, how would you react?”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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