Stelter: Someone Should Inform Tucker Carlson About Mueller Probe ‘So He Doesn’t Embarrass Himself Again’

CNN’s Brian Stelter took a shot at Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night by saying the Fox News host embarrasses himself by not taking Robert Mueller‘s investigation more seriously.

The Mueller probe reached a critical point yesterday when the special counsel released a memo that – despite being heavily-redacted – said Michael Flynn has provided “substantial assistance” to the investigation. Carlson has been dismissive of the Russia investigation whenever he talks about it on his show, and after Catherine Herridge joined him to break down Mueller’s memo, he growled about “stupid perjury charges” charges and added, “there better be a huge crime underlying this.”

Those remarks caught Stelter’s attention, and even though he confused Herridge for Jennifer Griffin, he used his latest newsletter to rip Carlson for his dismissive and supposedly-uninformed attitude to the criminal concerns uncovered by Mueller.

“Can Griffin or someone else at Fox please brief Carlson on all the crimes that have been uncovered, so that he doesn’t embarrass himself again?”

Long-time readers of Mediaite know that the surest way for a cable news personality to get coverage is to openly criticize another cable news personality. We eagerly await Mr. Carlson’s retort.

Watch the Tucker Carlson segment above, via Fox News.

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