Stuart Varney Challenges NRA Spox Dana Loesch: ‘Whose Side Are You On?’

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch probably wasn’t counting on getting much pushback from Stuart Varney Friday morning on Varney & Co. But sure enough, she got plenty as she tried to dodge a question on the hot button issue of the week.

Varney grilled Loesch over the NRA’s position on bump stocks. In a rare concession, the organization issued a statement calling for a Federal review of bump stocks (though critics believe this is largely a symbolic gesture).

But Varney wanted Loesch to go further. The Fox Business host asked if the NRA would support “tightly-written legislation” banning bump stocks altogether. Loesch ducked the question. Varney wasn’t pleased.

Varney: [W]ould you vote for it or against it?

Loesch: Well, I’m not an elected official.

Varney: Well, if you were. Whose side are you on?

Loesch: I don’t engage in hypothetical arguments either because we could play if, if, if all day long.

Varney: Dana, come on! I want your opinion on bump stocks and getting rid of them.

Loesch: This is why we elect Congress to do this.

Varney: Well, I want your opinion!

Loesch: This is why we elect Congress to do this.

Varney: You won’t give me your opinion?! Do we ban bump stocks?

Loesch: On what? What question are you asking?

The NRA spokesperson went on to say that the organization “is not asking for a ban” as part of a nebulous, 75-second answer. Varney didn’t look wholly satisfied with Loesch’s response. We can’t say we blame him.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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