Styleite Needs YOU To Dish On Your Favorite Media Fashion Moments

Hi there, Mediaite readers! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Styleite, sister site to Mediaite and proud owners of a slightly more pronounceable name.

In case you couldn’t guess, our coverage has a more fashionable bent but that doesn’t mean we’re all about cute bags or weird outfits — though we do post our fair share of hot models, in case that piques your interest. (Shameless, we know.) All that said, we’re here to ask a favor.

While we’re busy keeping up with the Karl Lagerfelds and Lady Gagas of our world, we need help keeping up with the Anderson Coopers, Megyn Kellys, Jon Stewarts and Glenn Becks of yours.

Who do you think has the best anchorperson style? Which of Fox’s myriad talking heads wears the wackiest ties? Did Mika show off a particularly pointy pair of shows this morning or did Matt Lauer’s suit match Justin Bieber’s shoes? Send your thoughts to — or use our anonymous submission box if you’re so inclined. There’s no detail too small! We want ‘em all.

And while you’re at it, let us know who in the news and media world you’re most interested in hearing about. Sick of Sarah Palin’s hair but think Contessa has an entirely under-recognized ‘do? Want more Piers Morgan and less of CNN’s Silver Fox? We’re here to please — but we need your help to do it.

Have a tip we should know?

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