Suffer From Debilitating Back Pain? So Does Seb Gorka, According to His New Gig as Spokesman For Fish Oil Pills


Former White House assistant Seb Gorka once suffered from debilitating lower back pain, but he is now miraculously “pain free” after taking a job hawking fish oil supplements — and you, too, can be rid of your bodily aches for a small subscription price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Gorka, who was ousted by the Trump administration in 2017, lost his contributor gig at Fox News in March and has now moved onto the role of spokesperson for Relief Factor, a health and wellness company that sells an over-the-counter pain reliever with a main ingredient of fish oil.

“Sebastian Gorka here for Relief Factor. First of all, let me say I have never before endorsed a pain reliever, but when Pete and Seth Talbott, the father and son owners of Relief Factor, asked me to endorse their 100 percent drug free product, I absolutely couldn’t say no,” Gorka explains in a testimonial ad in which he is identified as a doctor. “Of course, I only said yes because after years of my personal lower back pain, I am now pain free.”

The ex-Trump aide, who also hosts a talk show on Salem Radio Network, goes on to tell viewers that he is finally “out of pain and chances are you can be in less or no pain too by ordering the three week quick start … [for] only $19.95.”

Gorka did not respond to Mediaite’s request for comment about his work for the company and Relief Factor’s effects on his lower back pain.

While Gorka’s latest gig might seem like rock bottom for a man who was once literally the loudest voice in the Oval, it is not at all uncommon for conservative pundits to act as spokespeople for questionably effective health supplement companies. Dana Loesch, the former face of the NRA, appears in ads for SuperBeets, a purported energy supplement made from beetroots; Ben Shapiro, podcast host and creator of the Daily Wire, uses his platform to push BrickHouse Nutrition’s brain stimulants; and Alex Jones, America’s top conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host, famously has his own supplement company that hawks products with names like “Super Male Vitality” and “Brain Force Plus.”

So, if anything, Gorka’s fish oil slinging is merely a sign that he’s finally made it as a right wing media A-lister.

Watch the ad above.

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