Sweet Granchild O’ Mine: Axl Rose Is 50


In case watching 53 year-old Madonna gyrate her way through a high-octane Super Bowl halftime show last night had you feeling not-so-bad about your own advancing years, Monday morning brings the re-sobering news that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose is 50 years old today. Welcome To The Dayroom, we got free coffee, Parcheesi, and most of a chess set!

Fans of the 50 year old rocker celebrated the occasion in true rock ‘n roll style, by…purchasing a full page ad in LA Weekly? And, what, doing lines of Metamucil off of a visiting nurse?

Crying in your beer over the aging of the rebels of your youth is, of course, nothing new, but it never gets any easier. Although I was never much of a fan of Rose and GNR, their impact on popular music was impossible to miss. Rose and Co. restored a good bit of the edge to a glammed-up heavy metal scene that had devolved into horrible self-parody. It’s precisely that rebellious edge, though, that makes this transition into golden oldie-dom so hard to take.

To those youngsters cackling at their elders today, as I once did while making jokes about the Rolling Stones‘ “Steel Wheelchairs” tour, it will happen to you some day. Justin Bieber will break his first hip, or Katy Perry will start doing Activia commercials, and we will be there to point and laugh (wheezingly) at you.

If it makes you feel any better, “Rickroll” king Rick Astley is only 46 today.

The great thing about music, though, is that it is timeless. That same rebellious spirit, the one that once led GNR to defiantly flip off Tipper Gore‘s Parents Music Resource Center with an album sticker that read “This album contains language which some listeners may find objectionable. They can F?!* OFF and buy something from the New Age section,” can still be found today, by a new generation:

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