That Jon Stewart and HBO Animation Collab Isn’t Happening Anymore

Last July, we told you that Jon Stewart and HBO were teaming up to produce funny animated shorts that parodied newscasts. Let’s allow Joanne the Scammer to tell you how that turned out:

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“18 months after signing the deal, the two have agreed to shelve it, saying that the project was significantly more complicated than both sides expected. Mr. Stewart signed a four-year contract, and he will remain at HBO to pursue other efforts,” reports the New York Times.

Apparently, the shorts were supposed to roll out with the presidential election and HBO began cautioning Stewart against setting “arbitrary” deadlines for the project.

That sounds frustrating for everyone involved.

Still, Stewart has been spotted around in recent months, making appearances alongside Stephen Colbert and such. (Most recently he was part of Colbert’s big Daily Show reunion.) We hope he has some other good stuff up his sleeve.

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