The Federalist Claims NFL Protests Are ‘Especially’ Offensive to White Americans


Online conservative outlet The Federalist published a piece today claiming white Americans should be “especially” offended by the national anthem protests currently taking place in the NFL — an athletic association that is made up of 70 percent black athletes.

DC McAllister, a senior contributor for the publication, made the racially charged claim in a post today titled, “Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Wrong To Call Anthem Protests On Company Time A Right'” — in which the author argues that the criminal justice system is not racist. McAllister also attacks the players who kneel for the Star Spangled Banner, saying, “[They] should be ashamed of themselves, of their ignorance, their divisiveness, and their hate.”

The racially controversial part of McAllister’s piece went as follows:

“Their protest, which focuses on the United States as represented by the flag and the national anthem, dishonors every American, especially if they’re white. These protests should outrage all law-abiding Americans because it collectively—and individually—makes them guilty for something they have not done.”

By saying that protests against patriotic symbols — like the national anthem or American flag — are “especially” disrespectful to whites, it appears that McAllister equates American patriotism with white nationalism. In a later part of the article, the writer asserts that, instead of protesting against police brutality, the “self-indulgent athletes” should leave America and go to a “truly [racist]” country instead — a spin on the age-old “if you don’t love America then get out” saying.

When reached by Mediaite for comment, McAllister said, “I don’t endorse white nationalism…I am not identifying the flag and anthem with whiteness.”

“Falsely accusing anyone of racism is offensive,” she added — implying that she is the real victim of offensive claims.

While McAllister may refute all accusations of racism, this article is not the first time The Federalist writer has made eyebrow-raising claims regarding race.

In a post on the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville — in which one anti-racist protester was murdered — she attempted to whitewash the actions of the racist activists by blaming the violence on the counter-protesters. McAllister does so by creating a revisionist history of the rally, writing, “A small group… [was] exercising their free speech rights when violent anarcho-communists who oppose capitalism and democracy showed up and attacked them. A single individual reacted to the violence with more violence, driving his car into the crowd and killing a young woman.”

In her version of Heather Heyer’s murder, McAllister does not even mention that the culprit was a white supremacist and the victim was a peaceful counter-protester. Instead, it’s just one violent action among a multitude of violence taking place from “many sides,” as President Donald Trump infamously said.

Additionally, I was in Charlottesville reporting on the Unite The Right rally and McAllister’s suggestion that the majority of counter-protesters were members of a radical anarchist movement is incorrect — most of these people were community members, UVA students, and peaceful activists.

As for McAllister’s publication, The Federalist has a “black crime” tag on their website — which acts as a racially charged bookmarking service highlighting misdeeds of one race. Yet, there is no “white crime” tag.

This race-based tagging system was discovered by anonymous Twitter user @UrbanAchievr. After the Twitter account exposed the site’s “black crime” bookmark in a tweet posted this afternoon, The Federalist deleted the tag from their site.

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