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The Most Disgusting Steak House/Rape Dungeon Ad Ever in Boston

It’s hard to figure out exactly where to start with this ridiculously objectifying advertisement for a soon-to-open Boston steakhouse/ rape dungeon, so let’s start with the name. Strip, as in, a piece of meat. Or, in another sense, to take one’s clothes off. That’s what the catatonic-looking model here appears to have been doing, or having had done to her, just before being distracted by a piece of meat being lowered into her feeding cage.

The meat, as you can see, is dangling in front of her face, if you know what I mean, and it’s thick, and the chain is long, and she can’t take her eyes off of it. She needs that meat in her mouth. Probably because she hasn’t eaten in a month? As if that weren’t enough, she’s laying on her back with her legs spread open, as women do when they go out to dinner.

To make matters somehow, inexplicably, even worse there’s a typo on the ad. Alure does not mean allure, not in any language I can think of. I thought that might be how it’s spelled in Italian – this is the new offering from Nick Varano, owner of a series of Italian restaurant and clubs around the Boston area – but no, that’s alletare. Alure is an architectural term for a walk or passageway. Maybe we’re meant to think about the steak entering the woman’s mouth, then making it’s way through the passageway of her digestive system? That’s hot bro. Perhaps, as Charles Draghi of the exceptional nearby Italian restaurant Erbaluce, who posted the picture of Facebook, suggested, it’s meant in the sense of a fishing lure.

Fresh snatch caught daily on meat hooks.

This work of art comes from the Varano Group, owned by Varano himself, whose restaurants like Strega Waterfront are known for their sense of refinement and class. At one location there’s a wall of a dozen or more TVs showing commercials for the restaurant you’re already in intermixed with shots of Varano palling around with Sopranos stars and Boston’s most sophisticated professional athletes like Rob Gronkowski. Watch some videos of Varano in action here.

It’s the type of “nice” “Italian” restaurant for someone who doesn’t know what either of those words mean and would really rather not know because words are a little…you know. He’s also part owner for the Ocean Club at Marina Bay, a sort of half-hearted stab at transporting a slice of Miami/Vegas to the glitzy shores of Quincy, Mass, known for its bikini-clad bartenders, high-profile bro-tastic DJs, (I saw Skrillex there once!) and parking lot fist fights. In other words, this advertisement is somehow still not the least classy thing I’ve seen from this dude.

As points out, after the photo made its way around the Boston restaurant community last night, it appears to have been already taken down, replaced this morning by a nice picture of the interior and some shots of appetizing looking steaks.

Just kidding. It’s a sexy babe in high heels standing on a steak for some reason.

When asked for comment, Varano’s team sent this:

The panels were installed on Saturday afternoon and the particular image you are referring to, was replaced with a different panel shortly after being put up. It was one of several panels installed to cover the windows during the redesign of the space. The image did not meet the standards of the owners of the restaurant; in addition to that, the panel did have a typo on it.

[Photo used with permission via Charles Draghi on Facebook.]

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