The New Restaurant Ratings Site That’s Finally Getting Numbers Right


Critiquing anything, especially restaurants, is a delicate balance of context, appreciation, and mood. Professional reviewers from your local paper or the Michelin Guide — where subjectivity and bias create a set of challenges — are often no better than Yelp or TripAdvisor posters. We’ve all seen the reviewers that give one star because they…tripped at the restaurant?

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We’ve also seen reviewers give five star reviews due to an attractive waiter:

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Reviews like the ones above really don’t tell you what you need to know. It’s possible that any single critic can have a bad meal, or be in an angry mood, and boom: terrible review. To rate any restaurant and its many attributes, and make others care and trust that rating, you need to capture the entirety of the experience.

That is how Renzell has exploded onto the scene with a new rating system that finds the middle ground between single subjective reviews and the screed of the masses. Renzell uses a unique set of diners — regular patrons of the restaurants — who answer a comprehensive survey every time they dine out. The data is then put through an algorithm that is weighted against member preferences to eliminate subjectivity and bias. In the end, the numbers seem to just work.

Renzell collects thousands of data points in order to obtain the full scope of the experience, while also comparing it to other experiences. So a piece of overcooked meat or a too-loud soundtrack won’t be the single factor that goes into a restaurant’s score. Renzell’s system delivers a holistic assessment of what dining out can, and should, be for anyone on any night.

Most reviews and ratings put the bulk of their focus on the food. In reality, only a third of a night out at a restaurant actually involves eating. The rest is seating, the pacing between courses, and other nuanced experiences. Renzell looks at the entirety of the experience and rates restaurants on eight attributes: cocktails, design, food, hospitality, service, value, vibe, and wine/sake/beer. All of those aspects are factored in and provide insight into how each place performs. Now restaurant insiders, from picky diners to chefs, are turning to Renzell for the real reviews.

So go ahead, find the spot with no atmosphere but with food that’s going to blow your mind. Or, find the best wine, vibes, and on-point service. Up to you. At least you’ll know you got it right.

Check it out here!

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