The View Hosts Complain About How Often They Have to Apologize: ‘We Have to Stop’

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 5.05.44 PMThe View has been the subject of several controversies over the past few weeks, and today, the co-hosts bemoaned how often they’ve had to apologize whenever someone gets offended.

The discussion came when Candace Cameron-Bure brought up how her views as a Republican came as an inheritance of her parents’ politician opinions and moral values. Afterwards, she immediately hesitated and explained that this was “not to say that Democrats aren’t moral people or anything like that.”

From there, Bure observed to her colleagues’ approval that, “you get so nervous because everybody writes in and it’s like you can’t say one thing without people being offended. It’s so hard.”

Joy Behar, who likened Carly Fiorina‘s smile to a Halloween mask before saying it was a joke, also chimed in to recount a friend’s observation about the show. “‘The View has become, ‘We didn’t really mean it! We’re sorry! We didn’t mean to say it like that!’ We have to stop saying that,” she said.

Raven Symone, who saw her own controversial episode, rounded out the segment by noting how with the current media climate these days, “it’s freedom of speech until you offend someone.”

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