The View Sounds Off on ‘Mob Mentality’ After Kevin Hart Quits Oscars Gig: Everyone Jumps on the ‘Bandwagon’


The View opened their show Friday with a discussion on Kevin Hart‘s decision to step down from hosting the Oscars. The panel questioned whether his past statements were egregious enough to force him out of the job.

When Hart announced his decision on Twitter Thursday night, he also offered an apology to those who were offended by a number of his resurfaced, homophobic tweets. Joy Behar kicked off the conversation by asking her colleagues how many times Hart really needs to say he’s sorry.

Abby Huntsman called Hart’s statement a “non-apology apology,” but she also said he should’ve gone ahead with the Oscars and used it as a platform for a positive message. Ana Navarro noted that there’s been a major change of perspective in America on LGBTQ issues over the years, so public figures ought to be given a chance to evolve in their thinking.

Sunny Hostin agreed, saying she doesn’t get why there was a mob mentality formed against Hart when he has apologized for his controversial statements before.

“The problem I have…is this mob mentality that we’re seeing. These forced apologies. Everybody jumping on the bandwagon, not allowing people to evolve, not allowing people to own up to things. I think what was so weird to me is he’s apologized for this before, and for the Academy to then force him to apologize again, I don’t understand that. And there has been this mob now, that’s saying, ‘he’s a horrible person,’ and the tweets were despicable. But when is an apology enough?”

Meghan McCain said it’s hard to tell where the goal posts are for Hart, comparing his situation with Joy Reid‘s blog controversy. Behar concluded the segment by remarking that people should stop making homophobic remarks, but “if you want somebody squeaky clean, you’re going to have to get a mime at the Oscars, because everyone has something, especially comedians.”

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