The Worst Media Tweets of Oscar Night 2014


Twitter can be a pretty strange place. During widely-viewed events like the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Oscars, etc., one can expect to see lots of people hijacking a pop culture moment to make eye-roll-worthy observations, lob tone-deaf jokes that ultimately fall flat, or dole out all-caps rants about whatever grinds their gears.

Big-time media people are capable of doing the same. And while last night’s Oscars were largely predictable and uncontroversial, these well-known folk drew the ire of many tweeters with their observations. Behold: Some of the worst tweets from Oscar night, according to a very unscientific survey of the Twitterverse:

Shortly before the ceremony began, Rep. Mark Tanako (D-CA) wasted no time swinging and a-missin’ with a ham-fisted attempt to capitalize on the kidz and their movies:

Texas lieutenant governor candidate, Twitter laughing stock, and current State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-7th) also got in on the shameless political hijacking with this doozy attacking a rival candidate:

HuffPost editorial director and frequent MSNBC guest Howard Fineman left many scratching their heads with this baffling remark connecting the Oscars’ diversity directly to the Obama era, looping in Putin for that extra oomph:

Ann Coulter effectively trolled the web with a few race-related Oscar “observations”:

And, of course, Todd Starnes was active throughout the night. You knew he’d make an appearance, right?

Despite Darlene Love, Matthew McConaughey, and Bette Midler all name-dropping God last night, he continued his shtick of pretending that Hollywood is uniformly anti-religion and full of heathens who BAN the LORD from their JEZEBEL quarters:

Just FYI: Every… single… year… someone name-drops “God” at the Oscars, and hucksters like Starnes pretend it’s a big no-no because it coddles their lazy generalizations about librul Hollyweird.

Speaking of hucksters, here’s America’s favorite self-promoter letting everyone know how much he hated the Oscars and knows he’d be a better host (and he’s totally running for president in 2016 and also McKay Coppins is a “scumbag” and rules):

It went on and on and on. Read his full Twitter timeline if you really hate yourself.

Also… comedian Chelsea Handler took over HuffPost’s Twitter for a live-tweeting stint. While her wicked sense of humor worked for much of the night, there was also this one tweet that got a lot of negative buzz:


Anything we missed? Submit it in the comments and then fight about it or something.

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