This Exists: Occupy The Hamptons

Bill Maher may be advising the Occupy movement to do a little bit more than stand around protesting, but in at least one corner of Long Island, he seems to be finding some resistance. These ten or so protesters could be found today in the Hamptons, continuing a protest movement that grew out of the Wall Street movement of last year.

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The small Long Island town of Sag Harbor appears to currently be occupied by some protestors with homemade signs objecting to large corporate banks and reading “Occupy the East End,” expressing solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy the Hamptons had gone strong until going on hiatus and reemerging in March, with the idea of targeting wealthy people by finding lists of people who dock their boats or vacation in the Hamptons. According to the leaders of the group:

The goal, Ms. Wenzel said in an interview last week, is to bring about positive change in a peaceful, respectful way. At the Occupy the Hamptons meeting two Sundays ago, a friendly reminder of that was distributed, stating that “Occupy the Hamptons is a non-partisan organization, tolerant of all, regardless of racial, religious, ethnic, or sexual orientation, and tolerant of divergent viewpoints.” Through group decision-making practices, local supporters work hard to be sure that they do not represent opinions that are not shared by all.

The protestors at Sag Harbor today below:

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