This ‘Half Onion in a Bag’ Twitter Account is Trying to Get More Followers Than Donald Trump


There’s a new Twitter account that was created with one purpose and one purpose only: To get more followers than President Donal Trump. The account’s handle is @HalfOnionInABag, and it’s literally just half an onion in a bag. The account was created on Inauguration Day (January 20th) and since then has amassed a following of 177k.

Mostly the account Tweets things about the President, his cabinet, and his family as it relates to onions, from the perspective of the half onion.

One of the half onion’s followers tweeted that while the concept is “really stupid,” it’s “exactly the kinda thing that would get under his skin.”

Probably, yeah.

[featured image via Twitter/@HalfOnionInABag]

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