This Might Just Be The Coolest Presidential Candidate Entrance…Ever

When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney enters a speech room, he typically strides out to heartland music, robotically shaking hands and giving buddy-grabs to supporters. Occasionally someone will inexplicably shout out “Don’t touch me!

When President Barack Obama enters a speech, he does the overexcited gladhanding and baby-kissing. Slowly but surely, he makes his way up to the podium — but not before grabbing every single greasy hand along the way.

When Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson enters for a speech… he crowd-surfs.

While alternately cool and totally lame, Johnson’s best impression of me at Warped Tour in the late ’90s is an official upping of the speech entrance game.

Your move, Romney and Obama.

Watch below, via NowThis News:

[h/t NowThis News]
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