This Wheel of Fortune Contestant Has No Idea How to Play

When Pat Sajak tells you that your answer isn’t correct, you probably shouldn’t say that answer again. Someone tell that to James.

When Lindsey incorrectly guessed “the pointed desert” and “the printed desert,” it was James’ turn to say the obvious correct answer. But, immediately after hearing Sajak tell Lindsey that “the pointed desert” wasn’t correct, James said “the pointed desert anyway.” Sajak said, “no, you still have time,” and James, looking confused, repeated that line.

His next guess? “The pointed desert.”

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“It’s not ‘the pointed desert,’ no matter how many times you say it,” Sajak quipped, adding after the correct answer was finally given: “I was just gonna give him ‘the pointed desert,’ he was so insistent on it.”

Watch the video below:

[h/t TheWrap]
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