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Tragedia: Florence Pulls ‘Jersey Shore’ Filming Permits

Florence, Italy – very obviously a city with no sense of culture – has decided to pull filming permits for the fourth season of MTV’s Jersey Shore. The show’s castmembers – a group of self-described “guidos” of at least partial Italian descent – were informed of the decision as they were heading to the airport for their flight to Italy. They decided to remain in the States until everything is sorted out.

The city’s mayor decided to reverse his previous decision to allow the cast and crew to film at the famed Uffizi art gallery, the Boboli Gardens, and the Palazzo Vecchio. The city had previously banned the show from filming the cast drinking publicly or in any of the city’s bars or clubs

Florence is likely afraid of what the frequently alcohol-soaked cast might do for the historical city’s image. And, if recent comments by the show’s executive producer are anything to go by, their fear is warranted:

It’ll be crazy. The kids are excited, they’re ready to go. Barely anyone speaks the language, so it’ll be a perfect storm of I don’t know what. Lord only knows. I mean, I have a hard enough time in Miami and Jersey with us communicating with people, I can’t imagine all of us in a foreign country.


h/t Pat’s Papers

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