Trevor Noah Bewildered That Trump Was Angry on Phone Calls ‘Because He Missed Nap Time’

In one of the more bizarre reports to come from the White House this week, it would appear as if the President’s contentious phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was due to “fatigue.”

It’s a fact that Trevor Noah simply couldn’t ignore on Thursday night’s Daily Show, devoting part of a segment to Donald Trump‘s exchanges with leaders in the global community. And although picking fights with countries like Mexico and Iran are somewhat understandable given his harsh campaign rhetoric, Noah was stunned to see that Australia was the newest enemy in the Trump administration.

“So Trump damaged relations with a key strategic ally because he missed nap time? That is the cutest, most terrifying thing I have ever heard,” Noah said to cheers from his crowd.

“And it makes sense, because toddlers are tyrants. So now you understand Trump,” he continued.

The Daily Show host continued to hit Trump on the reports of fatigue, especially given how vociferous he was about his fellow Republican candidates often times being “low-energy.”

Noah joked, “You think Jeb Bush gets cranky on phone calls? No!” He then added, “Because no one calls him.” Watch above via Comedy Central.

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