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Trevor Noah May Not End Up ‘Loathing’ Fox News


trevor_noahNew Daily Show host Trevor Noah has been making it clear he has a different outlook on politics than Jon Stewart does, which will, of course, mean his version of The Daily Show will be somewhat different from his predecessors.

One of those differences will be in the targets. Back in July, Noah said that he’ll be “looking at it from a bigger lens as opposed to just going after one source—which was historically Fox News.”

Stewart, of course, famously feuded with Fox on a regular basis.

But as Noah told Vulture today, he’ll approach things differently:

While the writers of The Daily Show certainly have a long history with certain comedic targets, Noah said he is “neither left nor right,” and he is coming in with a clean slate when it comes to judging American politicians and media figures. “I don’t have targets yet, which I think is the right way to approach it … I didn’t have Fox News in most places in the world where I was traveling or living. These are new people to me,” Noah said. “I get to discover the person I will grow to loathe, to hate, and they may not be on Fox News.”

Some other interesting revelations from Noah include his telling The Daily Beast he quite likes Rand Paul, saying, “He was saying things that were sane at the debates, he really was… He wasn’t gung-ho. He did seem thoughtful. And that is progression for me. And maybe that’s a tiny step in the right direction.”

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