Trump Blasts Governor Cuomo, ‘Sleazebag’ Eric Schneiderman as Trump Foundation Dissolves


Donald Trump is defending his charity organization as its about to be dissolved amid investigations for several suspected illegalities.

In his latest Twitter proclamation, the president lashed out at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats over the news that the Trump Foundation will cease operations and have its remaining funds appropriated to other charities. He topped it off by attacking the investigation on the grounds that it was started by Eric Schneiderman, who was forced out of his position as New York Attorney General amid reports of his abusive conduct with women.

Trump’s tweets come a day after AG Barbara Underwood announced that she will work under judicial supervision to dissolve the Trump Foundation and redistribute its remaining $1.75 million to other philanthropic organizations. The news is a major milestone for investigations into Trump’s charity, which has been accused of self-dealing, personally enriching the president’s family, and a “shocking pattern of illegality.”

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