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Allen West

Allen West’s Facebook Editor Apologizes for Meme Calling on Trump to ‘Exterminate’ Muslims

Trump Campaign Manager Doubles Down, Accuses Reporter of Fabricating Sexual Harassment

Allen West Likens Confederate Flag Opposition to ISIS

Allen West: Confederate Flag Debate ‘Manufactured Crisis’ to Distract from Chicago Violence

Allen West Thinks He Got Sharia Law’d at Walmart

Allen West Connects Football Injuries to Lack of School Prayer

Allen West: ‘Unconscionable’ for Al Sharpton to Help Choose Holder Replacement

Allen West: Obama ‘Indirectly Responsible’ for MH17 Crash

Allen West on Question About Obama Being Muslim: He Has ‘Eastern Orientation’

Now Allen West Thinks Obama Is Using Benghazi to Distract from Everything Else

Allen West Blasts Dem Veteran in Congress, Questions Her ‘Loyalties’

Allen West: Focus on Boko Haram Is Obama Ploy to Distract from Benghazi

Allen West Is Really Concerned About Mosques Existing in America

Goofy Conservative Pundits Revoke Coke’s Status as America’s Brand

O’Reilly Challenges Allen West on Tea Party: Dems ‘Savoring’ More Intra-Party Battles

Allen West Out of Web TV Job After Allegedly Calling Staffer ‘Jewish American Princess’?

Hannity Airs Graphic Syrian Rebels Video, Asks Guests What Happens After Assad?

Hannity Guests Take on ‘Hypocrisy’ of Obama Rodeo Clown Outrage

Juan Williams Fights Hannity And Allen West Over Zimmermam: Don’t Kid Yourselves, Case Was All About Race

Democrat Who Beat Allen West In 2012 Discussed Flipping To GOP, According To Report

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