Trump Complains to Geraldo Rivera He Didn’t Get ‘Thank You’ For Puerto Rico Storm Response


The aftermath of two hurricanes that ravaged Puerto Rico last year led to almost 3,000 deaths. But there is another, more political, victim to come from that disaster: President Donald Trump.

In a radio interview with Geraldo Rivera, the Commander in Chief complained that he didn’t get a “thank you” for his Puerto Rican storm response. This stands in stark contrast to the criticism received by the Trump administration by critics who saw a less intense response to the U.S. island territory in comparison to similar storms that have hit states within the contiguous United States such as Florida, Texas, and more recently, North Carolina.

“I can feel the hurt in your voice,” Rivera told the President as he defended White House rescue efforts.

Trump agreed, lamenting the response he received: “Instead of getting thank you, we got nothing but bad publicity.”

President Trump has derided a study commissioned by the Puerto Rican government that found that almost 3,000 people died as a result of the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico as political in nature, designed only to spread bad news. Trump has called the response an “unsung success” seeing as the very nature of island state creates for a much more difficult rescue scenario.

Mr. Trump called out the San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, as a “horror show”after the mayor recently called Mr. Trump “delusional, paranoid and unhinged from any sense of reality” for denying the officially accepted death count of 3,000 from the hurricane.

“You have the mayor of San Juan who’s incompetent. She should never be there. She’s just doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’s totally incompetent person. You have as you know locally they did a very, very poor job. The electric was broken before the storms that got hit by two storms, not one.”

He also dismissed critics who blamed the White House, instead blaming an already dysfunctional situation. “It was a total mess, it was corrupt — couldn’t be worse,” he said. “The storms hit and they said, ‘Oh let’s blame Trump for the electric, let’s have Trump, let’s have Trump fix the electric plant, which takes a long time to rebuild it, which is a big deal. Let’s blame Trump for everything.’”

Listen to the clip above courtesy of WTAM.

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