‘Trump Numbers Dropping is Significant’: Ann Coulter Hits Trump For Focusing on ‘Obamacare Lite’



On Twitter this afternoon, one of President Donald Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters took some shots at him over his dropping job approval ratings, suggesting it’s because he’s focusing on the wrong things.

Responding to former Mexican President Vicente Fox mocking Trump for his ratings, conservative author and provocateur Ann Coulter first noted that Trump’s poll numbers are generally not accurate.

However, she then went on to sound the alarm on the latest polls, calling them “significant” as it seems to show Trump is moving away from being himself.

Besides bringing up the healthcare fight, Coulter also seemed to lob some criticism at Trump for filling his administration with former Goldman Sachs employees.

While Coulter is generally a Trump defender, she has been critical of him in the past, especially when she thinks he is shifting on certain issues and policies. In December, she was concerned that the “big sell out” was coming from Trump on immigration. Weeks before that, she took shots at him for his comments that he wouldn’t pursue charges against Hillary Clinton.

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