Trump Reportedly Told Andrew McCabe to ‘Ask His Wife How It Feels To Be a Loser’


Apparently, the president took his love of calling out losers to a whole other level last year.

NBC News is reporting that the day after FBI Director James Comey was fired, President Donald Trump called then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to complain that Comey was able to fly home on a government plane.

And during the call, he decided to take a shot at McCabe after the acting FBI chief said that while he hadn’t been asked to authorize the flight but would have if asked.

The president was silent for a moment and then turned on McCabe, suggesting he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser — an apparent reference to a failed campaign for state office in Virginia that McCabe’s wife made in 2015.

McCabe replied: “OK, sir.” Trump then hung up the phone.

This NBC News story comes out just hours after it was reported that McCabe would be stepping down from his post as deputy FBI director. While McCabe was apparently looking at leaving this spring, his departure comes weeks ahead of schedule and during a time when he’s clearly been in the crosshairs of the president.

The reporter of the story, Carol Lee, had the following to say on MSNBC after the report dropped:

“Well, certainly McCabe was taken aback by this phone call. We spoke to several people who he had told about it. You know, I think what this illustrates is it’s just another kind of data point into what this was like for McCabe serving under President Trump.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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