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Trump Reportedly Wanted to Scrap Electoral College But Mitch McConnell Talked Him Out of It

trump-cia-speecheditedDespite losing the national popular vote by nearly 3 million and claiming massive voter fraud is rampant in the election system, President Donald Trump reportedly told Congressional leaders that he would like to get rid of the Electoral College.

According to the Wall Street Journal in a piece recapping Trump’s first week in office, Trump brought up this proposal, apparently in the same meeting where he informed top lawmakers that 3 to 5 million illegal votes were cast.

During the gathering, the talk turned to campaigns, elections and voter fraud. Mr. Trump then told the group that he was interested in getting rid of the Electoral College and replacing it with a national popular vote, say people who attended. Mr. Trump lost the popular vote to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a fact that has irritated the president to the point that he has called for a national probe of alleged voter fraud

Per the report, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke up in the meeting, telling Trump that it would be a bad idea due to the complications that would arise in a recount, pointing to the 2000 election and how long the recount lasted in Florida. Trump then dropped it, saying he was “fine to leave the current system in place.”

Even though Clinton won 48% of the national vote to Trump’s 46%, Trump was able to pull out a relatively comfortable Electoral College victory based largely on his razor-thin victories in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

This week, Trump called for a “major investigation” into voter fraud following reports of his comments to the Congressional leaders.

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