Trump Says ‘Higher Ends’ of Intel Loved His Presser, ‘Haters’ Wanted Boxing Match With Putin


On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump again praised his own press conference and dismissed criticism, saying in an early morning tweet that people loved it and haters hated it.

The 5:53 a.m. tweet kept the focus on the presser, only briefly mentioning the actual meeting between himself and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Despite the minor walkback and supposed correction the president read off a piece of paper on Tuesday, his off-the-cuff remarks and tweeting are clear that he believes that the press conference itself was successful and that he did a great job during it.

Then 19 minutes later, he tweeted that Brussels was an “acknowledged triumph” that may prove to be the lesser of two huge successes, behind the Russia summit.

Late last night he blamed the “Fake News Media” for a false perception that things didn’t go well, choosing to ignore the negative reaction of nearly everyone else everywhere.

Trump media and Trump partisans on social media routinely trash the U.S. intelligence agencies in which the President yesterday curiously expressed total confidence, and now he’s referring to “higher ends” of intelligence as having loved his presser. One assumes those higher ends are not the “deep state” that Trumpists claim run our intelligence agencies, but what exactly “higher ends” means is even more mysterious.

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