Trump Strikes Back At ‘Dumbest Political Commentator Of All Time’ George Will

It is a pretty safe bet that at any given time a feud will be simmering below the surface of any two public figures ready to pop– the surprise often ends up being who these figures are. The latest media feud no one could reasonably have expected to erupt is the product of some comments on ABC’s This Week, where George Will dismissed Donald Trump as a “bloviating ignoramus” and advised Mitt Romney to stay away from one of his more prominent donors. Not surprisingly, these comments didn’t sit well with Trump.

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In between yesterday morning and today, alas, Trump has not been able to find any TV time. Luckily, the real estate magnate and reality show hair had this to say on Twitter:

This bodes well for those who enjoy media feuds– if Will is somehow in Trump’s rhetorical crosshairs, one expects he’ll be asked about the comments on TV soon, and respond in kind.

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