comScore Trump Would Like Another Media Fight, Please — Now It’s the ‘Dishonest’ NY Times

Trump Would Like Another Media Fight, Please — Now It’s the ‘Dishonest’ NY Times


Donald Trump is at his best (a relative term here) when he’s fighting with the press. So because his Fox News fight was such a roaring success, he’s picking another fight with the press, this time with a “dishonest” New York Times reporter.

Why? Because he dared to report that Trump’s audience at an event in Charleston wasn’t YUUUUGE.

No, seriously.

The TimesJonathan Martin had a report out yesterday headlined “A Day of Empty Seats and Donald Trump in Full Attack.” He said that Trump appeared at an African-American small business meeting (of which, he notes, “What Mr. Trump did not talk much about was African-American business” but rather his same old talking points), in a room where “about a third of the seats were unfilled.”

Now, anyone who knows Trump well knows that one of his favorite things to talk about his the size of the crowds he get. Watch any Trump interview on any subject and close to 100 percent of the time he will somehow manage to invoke the kinds of crowds he gets.

So obviously, he couldn’t let Martin’s horrible, vicious slight pass without rebuttal on Instagram:

Dishonest @NYTimes reporter Jonathan Martin refused to acknowledge massive crowd surge forward during my speech in South Carolina. Liar!
Yesterday was an amazing day in South Carolina. The crowds and enthusiasm were beyond! Will be back soon! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Martin indirectly responded on Twitter by re-upping his story, along with a picture of said empty seats:

Trump called Twitter “pretty cool” this morning because he likes to be able to to call out people immediately, saying it’s “like owning the New York Times without the losses.”

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