#TrumpBookReport: Twitter Rips Trump’s Debate Performance With a New Mocking Hashtag


trump2You know how this works. Donald Trump says something strange or controversial, Twitter mocks him for it, Queen to D5.

The real estate mogul had his final debate against Hillary Clinton last night, and when he wasn’t being open-ended on whether he’d respect the results of the election, he tried going toe-to-toe with her on the issues. Unfortunately, Trump’s performance left something to be desired, and quite a few debate watchers felt that his command of policy paled in comparison to Clinton’s.

Numerous Trump critics thought that he seemed so unprepared, that it was like watching a schoolchild give a book report when he clearly didn’t do his homework. The online trends seemed to begin after this tweet from St. Louis mayoral candidate Antonio French:

From that tweet, #TrumpBookReport came into being. Aside from questioning Trump’s political intelligence, Twitter users used the hashtag to imagine what it would be like to get Trump’s take on the literary classics.

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