Trump’s Proposed SCOTUS Nominee Sure Seems to Mock Him a Lot on Twitter


WillettRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump released the names of eleven federal judges he would consider nominating to the Supreme Court to fill its open spot Wednesday. Whether or not his campaign team vetted the judges’ legal opinions, they definitely skipped social media.

One of the judges on the list, Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, is also a prolific tweeter. Many of his tweets about Trump over the past year can be described as mocking at best, while others are clearly denunciatory.

Trump University, a sore spot for the Trump campaign, appears to be a common target.

Other tweets made fun of his rhetoric and compared him unfavorably to presidents like Abraham Lincoln.

One tweet pointed to a poll showing that “even avowed socialist Bernie Sanders” would thrash Trump in the general election.

Others, like this Easter tweet, clearly come across as critical of Trump’s comments towards evangelicals.

Another indicated that Trump might secretly be liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in disguise.

In one truly ironic tweet, Willett expressed horror just thinking about the kind of judge Trump would nominate to the Supreme Court.

Safe to say, Justice Willett prooooobably won’t end up getting the nod in the end.

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