Trump’s Sage Debate Wisdom For Romney: Ask Obama About Being Born In Kenya

In case you missed it yesterday, Donald Trump offered several chunks of unsolicited advice for Mitt Romney to consider before this Wednesday’s first presidential debate with President Barack Obama.

And surprise! It involves birtherism.

Tweeting directly to Romney’s account, Trump said the GOP candidate should ask the president why his autobiography states he was “born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia.”

Trump was, of course, referring to the controversy from May involving a 1991 literary agency promo pamphlet that mistakenly stated Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” It wasn’t written in Obama’s actual autobiography, but whatever.

And yeah, asking Obama about that mistaken booklet will really get people itching to vote for Romney. Probably a great decision all around.

The business mogul followed up his birther advice by backing off a bit with more generic pleas for Romney to “get tough.”

Just sayin’, you guys. Get tough. Ask about a promo pamphlet… written by someone else… that has been identified as a mistaken bit of bad copyediting.

And oh, hey, speaking of Donald Trump: Did you know that his birtherism has some stiff competition for “the most ridiculous thing on TV”? See here.

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