Tucker Carlson Reacts to ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Claim: ‘It’s Groundhog Day’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has made it abundantly clear that he thinks the whole issue surrounding potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign is a hoax. So when he brought on a Democratic strategist to discuss the issue, there was a very good chance that he was going to sarcastically dismiss his guest’s concerns about the Trump team’s dealings with Russia.

And, yes, that is just what he did.

Carlson greeted Michael Hopkins by asking him his thoughts on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s contacts with Russia, including a speech made by the former president in Russia for $500,000. After Hopkins stated that the contact isn’t problematic but the fact that Trump associates like Michael Flynn lied about their contacts, Carlson snarked that it was a “game effort” by Hopkins but that Flynn lied to the administration who then told the truth to the American public.

The two then went back and forth a bit over Russia, with Hopkins saying that Bill Clinton didn’t take money from the Russian government but rather a private group. He did concede to Carlson that he didn’t like the idea of any politicians giving speeches in Russia.

“I don’t either, and I didn’t like what Mike Flynn did it,” Carlson said. “I guess you are conceding something that kind of blows up the entire Russia story. Because not every person with Cyrillic letters in his name is working for Vladimir Putin.”

At the end of the segment, Hopkins noted that politicians and elected officials can meet with Russians as long as they are honest. The Fox News host pressed him on what the Trump administration has done differently from that.

“Obstruction of justice, foreign donations, soliciting foreign donations, those are real things,” Hopkins responded. The conservative commentator smirked at the mention of obstruction of justice, making sure to repeat the phrase.

“It’s Groundhog Day on the show,” Carlson exclaimed. “I’m glad we got to that, Michael, thanks for joining.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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