comScore TV Critic Slams CNN for Putting Van Jones in Ferguson; Jones Fires Back

TV Critic Slams CNN for Putting Van Jones in Ferguson; Jones Fires Back

One of the many CNN faces on the ground in Ferguson this week has been commentator Van Jones. He was in Ferguson on Monday night, and after being there into Tuesday morning, got into a much-noticed argument with Don Lemon. But Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik took some serious issue with CNN putting Jones on the ground there. In a radio interview with NPR’s On the Media, Zurawik had this to say:

“Absolutely no credentials for this. One of the fiercest ideologues on cable television… He’s exactly the same kind of character that Karl Rove is for Fox. Why would you put him on the streets? It’s outrageous to put that guy out there on the streets. There’s kids in college studying journalism who are more equipped to be on the streets covering that story for CNN than he was.”

And Zurawik also wrote a piece on the Ferguson news coverage that honed in on Jones in particular. He said CNN made a “terrible decision” to put him on the air and called Jones “so far out of his depth and so far off in his assessment of the actual situation all night.”

He concluded that ideologues like Jones have no business being part of cable news coverage in cases like this.

Jones eventually got wind of what Zurawik had to say and shot back by touting his numerous credentials:

You can listen to the full NPR segment here (the comments about Jones start at the 12-minute mark):

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