Tweet for Everything: Trump Tweeted Praise for Bob Woodward Just Last Year


There’s a recurring joke on the internet where every time Donald Trump says something politically controversial, somehow there’s always a tweet from his past where he says the opposite is true.

This is one of those moments.

The president and his defenders are railing against Bob Woodward this week as the Washington Post associate editor prepares to release his book containing dozens of bombshells regarding the alleged state of chaos and dysfunction inside the White House. Trump himself is accusing Woodward of fabricating the content of the book, and he most recently suggested that he might file a libel lawsuit because of it.

It’s interesting that Trump is taking this approach to Woodward when he used to feel rather differently before the book started taking off.

Here’s four tweets where Trump praised Woodward throughout the years, including one that dates back to 2017.

Yesterday, WaPo released audio of a phone call between Trump and Woodward where the former told the latter “I think you’ve always been fair.” Trump complained about not being able to give his side of the story, even though Woodward explained that he tried reaching out multiple times.

How times have changed.

Also, as a little bonus for your consideration, here’s two tweets from people who got burned by Woodward in the past but admit he reported on them correctly.

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