Twitter Fell in Love With Kenneth Bone, the Man Who Asked a Debate Question on Energy


Twitter is good for many things. It can be used to direct attention someplace. It can be used to point out jokes that users may have otherwise missed. It can even be used to birth a star!

Look how much people on Twitter love Kenneth Bone, who asked a question during tonight’s town hall-style debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A parody account of the man has already racked up nearly 2000 followers.

Why? Well, here he is asking his question:

And here he is taking a picture to remember the time he was invited to ask a question at a presidential debate:

People started speculating about what sort of life Bone leads:

They wondered what it would be like to hug him:

There have been a lot of opinions on him:

There have also been a lot of jokes:

The overall feeling regarding Bone is now just this:

Enjoy this levity. There is only a month left of campaigning. You’ve earned this.

[image via screengrab]

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