Twitter Mocks Jacob Wohl’s Weird Press Conference Outside of CPAC: ‘I Can’t Stop Laughing At This’


Fresh off of his ban from Twitter, Jacob Wohl — joined by Jack Burkman and Laura Loomer — held a press conference in what could only be described as the sunniest and hottest spot possible in the lobby of the Gaylord National Resort.

Their presser was about the evidence to support the unproven claim that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) “married” her brother to defraud the government.

The press conference, held by conspiracy theorists, went as well one would expect:

When people tried to ask about his unfounded accusations of sexual misconduct by Robert Mueller, Wohl said he wouldn’t be answering questions about that said he was only going to answer questions about Omar.

In addition to the allegations, Loomer also called for Twitter to reinstate their Twitter accounts and praised how viral she went after she handcuffed herself at Twitter’s headquarters in New York City, noting she didn’t even have an account at that point.

[Images via Will Sommer/Caleb Ecarma]

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